Thursday, March 10, 2011

WIP update - 10 March 2011

Well Traveled Bag - almost finished. Decided it needed a flap over the top... so I made one. Not sure it is big enough yet, but that's ok. I am waiting on another felting project before I felt both of them because they're made out of the same yarn and I want to make sure it looks good and also want to see if there is leftover yarn to make the flap bigger.

blue/black felted tall boot slippers - Same yarn as mentioned. I might go and buy soles for these to be able to wear them around more. I suspect I will be lining these in flannel because I get itchy around wool a lot. These are about half finished - I'm on the boot part of it now - and are likely to be finished in the next day or so.

4-S Vest - ripped out and started over. I am about to where I was before and it does look better.

Luna Lovegood cardigan - Have not really touched this one in a while.

Amsterdam Coat - The pattern wrote out longer than I thought it would... I'm a little nervous now, but nothing ventured.......

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