Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Started and Finish Line

What has crossed the Finish Line?

The double-stranded Navy Fleck Shannon that I had started.  Washing it made it grow quite a bit, and I have about a skein or 2 left... which I suspect may go to make a mindless-shawl like the All Shawl.  The ribbing at the collar and cuffs was done in white.

The 11 stitch blanket in Tunisian is done.

A shawlette that was a test-pattern for someone.

Between Starting Line and Finish Line:

Soft Serve in Black - 55% wool, 45% cotton yarn used.  I need to finish the body and do the sleeves

toe-up socks

The Stella I started ages ago is still in progress.  double-stranded cobweb weight = laceweight.  The pattern calls for sport or bigger.  So... this will take a while.

Universal gloves - these don't get worked on often AND it's on a B hook with laceweight yarn.

Crimson Cape done in Navy - the original pattern calls for crimson or scarlet.  I started it in Navy.  So there.