Sunday, March 6, 2011

FO: Cinnabar Hoodie

Cinnabar by Doris Chan

Yarn used: Red Heart Super Saver - Artist Print

Hook Size: J for the body, I for the trim

Start: 19 February 2011
End: 05 March 2011

Total time: 2 weeks, though I did not work on it constantly for the entire time. Some days I did not work on it at all, others, I worked on it a lot.


The original pattern did not have a hood, and the sleeves were full length.

On me, it's 3/4 length sleeves, and waist length, but I have long arms and a long waist.

I still need to block it and find a better lit place for the picture, but it is done.

Posted to the Everyday Crochet community on Ravelry and Doris Chan told me that this was a whole new design. =D I told her I took inspiration from others who had added a hood to the pattern.

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