Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I'm currently working on... 20 March 2011

Spring All Shawl (Pattern: All Shawl) - just started using Manos Silk Blend, and using the pattern variation she calls "Elegant Ewe"

amigurumi doll - take 1 (Pattern: Amigurumi Doll Pattern from Stitch) - Making it slightly larger because this is a test for me.

blue 4-s vest (pattern:4-S Vest from Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You by Doris Chan) - Making this out of varigated blue Sugar N Cream...

Mixed craft "Lucy" bag Pattern: Lucy Bag from: Two Old Bags, Lucy Bag) - Crocheted bottom, knooking sides and strap - Knooking is knitting using a crochet hook. This edition is striped using Peace Fleece.

Amsterdam Coat - take 1 (Pattern: Amsterdam Coat by Doris Chan) - this so far really has not been started... so it's really a project in mind instead of in works, but I'm keeping it in this group anyway.

Dr. Who scarf - Season 18 - Variation: 3 very light colours (white, beige, cream) variation instead of eggplant, burgundy, and some other red...

Jersey style Cardigan - Patterned off the dark Red jerseys worn by the University of Wisconsin Badgers mens hockey team, this is a rework because the sweater I made was too big (on purpose because it was done to match the XL jersey I have, forgetting that the jersey is too big for me except when I'm wearing hockey equipment under it) and so I think I'm going to use Cinnabar out of Doris Chan's EveryDay Crochet for it... but try to make it with a V neck instead.

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