Sunday, April 17, 2011

WIP update - 17 April 2011

Finished Object: Purple Sparkle Cinnabar - see previous entry


"mixed craft" Lucy Bag - somewhere in the 60-70 round of the main body, which puts it at about round 80-90 for the whole thing.

doll amigurumi - this is going "slowly" because I want to finish the Lucy Bag and because the Cinnabar took over a majority of my crafting this last week.

3-way Wrap - knooked. Have to start this one over because when I was trying to change cords, the whole thing came undone and I dropped all of the stitches... so I ripped it up and am going to start over.

Badger Colour Textured jacket - this one's "started"... but I haven't gone much beyond that, to be totally honest.

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