Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update as of 20 February 2011

1 - Knooked Lucy Bag - Still in progress. Admittedly, I have not worked on this in a while. Found out by a friend's example how well Peace Fleece works up felted. Now I just need to finish this too.

2 - Luna Lovegood Sweater - I've just started this one - around Row 4 - in what was left of the Grape Caron Simply Soft. I think I'm going to finish using this yarn for this one.

3 - Cinnabar in Artist Print - Acrylic, but whatever. I just started this one yesterday. And given the way the designer's patterns work up, I should be done with it sooner rather than later.

4 - 4S vest - Restarting this thing. I should probably rip it out and start over.

5 - Well Travelled Bag - Starting this one up again too. If I can finish it, and all that, I can use it.

Projects in mind:

- Catherine the Great in Soft Serve - I hope this works because it's a smaller yarn, and I might have to play around with the gauge a bit, but I wasn't happy with it in shawl form, so...

- Lacey Lamb - considering doing a Stella in this yarn... making it bigger or whatever. That is, if the yarn doesn't make me nuts. It is cobweb/light-lace-weight which I am going to double for this.

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