Monday, January 31, 2011

Puck This! Hat Trick - 3 hats in the month of January 2011

Hat #1 -

Maple Leaf PDQ

the PDQ from "Stitch & Bitch - The Happy Hooker"

Modifications: No holes, double stranded

Main body of hat is royal-ish blue with 2 white stripes and white ear flaps.

Hat #2 -

Bucky's Pi Striped Stocking Cap

Striping pattern followed pi (3.141592 - which is where I ran out of yarn) in inches

Alternating colours red and white.

Bucky = Bucky Badger

Hat #3 -

Blackhawks Black Jersey striped hat

crocheted the first 10 rounds, knooked (knit with a crochet hook) the body (including increases), crocheted ribbing.

hat is mostly black with red-black-white-black-red stripes 1" wide - pattern based on the pre-2009-2010 third jerseys for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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